How to Give Yourself a Neck and Shoulder Massage

There are many reasons causing to pressure on necks and shoulders. For instance, people are easily suffered from poor postures, sport injuries or heavy carrying. They are bad elements which make people feel tired and reduce the job productivity. However, the strong development of modern technology makes pain and pressure relief completely possible on your hands. Its remarkable responsibilities are reducing stress as well as stiffness.

How to Give Yourself a Neck and Shoulder Massage

Massage has been known to be an efficient and safe way to treat tight muscles on your neck and shoulder. You could use gentle or deep exercises on sore points for creating the complete relaxation. A great benefit of massage therapy is that you can apply this method right at home, at the office or other places. There is no need of going outside; the machine makes people feel completely comfortable. In addition to main function of reliving chronic pains, using the massage therapy also boosts the smooth blood circulation to all body parts. It improves your mental health by providing an abundant source of oxygen and nutrition. The production of endorphins is an essential part in making users feels happy and confident to get involved in social activities. For someone who is looking for weight loss and deep sleep, massage therapy is an out-standing recommendation. The massage procedures are so simple that allow users at all age to try. Then, follow these steps below guarantees to bring the improvement in general health to you.

Step 1: You should choose a comfortable and stable place to relax. The massage chair is a great option. Make yourself relax by tilting your head back. It is time for us to squeeze the muscles around neck by the impact from all fingers. Then, make your head forwards and continue to massage the skin within a few seconds. Based on your specific requirements, you could adjust the levels of squeezing to get the best result of relaxation.

Step 2: Make your back of the neck warm by rolling your hands up and down. This is a warm-up step to relax the whole body before applying several next techniques. Remember to put deep pressures on tight muscles on your neck, not spine.

Step 3: For stronger impact, you had better use left hands to squeeze sore muscles on right shoulder. Similarly, put your right hands on left shoulder and start massaging. You should move your hands continuously to promote smooth blood flow to different areas. Try to maintain the comfort as much as possible.

Step 4: Move on massaging on pressure points around your chest. Use your fingers to put deep pressure on all of tight areas.

In general, there are many ways for us to relieve pains and pressure on neck and shoulder. Just only by simple techniques, you could enjoy the complete relaxation right at home. Massage therapy is considered to be a safe way to strengthen the user health and encourage them to enjoy the active life. Let’s try and discover all gorgeous benefits that this method provides to us.

How to Increase Height Naturally in Kids?

To control the height of the baby, parents should pay attention to the physical activity both indoors and outdoors to bring children comprehensive development at the age from 0-5 years old. Accordingly, parents can split into different development stages and apply appropriate methods to increase the children’s weight and height such as jumping on the trampoline, walking or riding a bicycle.

walking or riding a bicycle

0 – 1 year old

In this stage, massage help children increase in height and develop necessary skills as well as enhance the intelligence. Because children are small so massage movements like rubbing, brushing should be taken lightly and carried out in one direction from the top to bottom. Especially, parents should avoid bending, straightening children’s bones because their weak bones will not tolerate strong forces. The massage method which applied to massage the newborn baby is so popular in the world. It is properly done, carefully guided and shared by many professionals and doctors. So, parents can easily search and learn how to massage their newborn in many places.

1 – 2 years old

In this stage, children begin doing more physical activities than the previous stage. They learn to crawl, stand and walk and often hold, applause, observe the things around. At this age, children gain weight more slowly than the newborn but the height develops more. After one year, the child’s height doesn’t increase steadily over the years but particularly rapidly increase in stages: 1-2 years old, 6-7 years old and during puberty. To increase weight and height fully for the children, parents should let children take part in physical activities at this stage in order to practice reaction, hand coordination and eye movement. Some activities are pulling, hiding and seeking, playing with soft balls as catcher, pitcher, tossing balls and simple puzzles.

2 – 3 years old

Babies who are 2-3 years old have a lot of opportunities to develop physically with infinite energy source. Give children the games help them develop motor skills in a new range with more activities to practice balance and control their speed. The games which are suggested for children at this age are vertically line up, catch the ball, dance, or act something out. In particular, at this age, the children will develop motor skills best when they participate in collective activities, play and compete with friends.

3 – 4 years old

In this period, the children will need to promote the creativity and imagination before going to school. At school, they will be guided to participate in collective games to develop different skills like chasing, playing with ball, hiding and seeking on so on. So the baby’s motor skills have developed a lot and the children will enjoy discovering more activities in life. At this stage, besides the activities in class, parents should let the children take part in outdoor activities and games at weekend or on some special occasions. They might be walking, exercising, cycling in the safe area and under the supervision of the parents.

4 – 5 years old

In this stage, parents usually keep the eye on the children when they play and participate in games or physical activities. Children at the age of 4-5 years old have the basic motor skills and often love playing and participating in physical activities and games. Therefore, parents may find the game combining both physical development and intellectual development. Parents should give their kids opportunity to contact with the surroundings in order to develop comprehensively with the appropriate activities, sport games such as camping, hiking, swimming and jumping on the trampoline.

Best 6 Methods to Keep Back Pain Away

Most people suffer from back pain at some time in their lives. Back pain is a highly popular disease, just after headache. Back pain has many causes: muscle tension, herniated disc, spinal stenosis, osteoporosis, or a tumor. Therefore, it is important to find the main cause of this disease so that we will have appropriate treatment. Today, I would like to share with you 6 methods to cure and reduce back pain effectively.

suffer from back pain


A study carried out at the University of Sheffield in the UK show that acupuncture can relieve persistent back pain and have economic benefits. Most patients believe that acupuncture is an excellent way to treat back pain.


Maybe you’ve never heard of capsaicin but if you’ve ever eaten chili and feel like your mouth is burning, it is because of capsaicin – an ingredient in chili. It has been proven that this substance has great effective in reducing back pain. In other studies, 160 people were treated with Capsaicin in 3 weeks, while 160 others use a different method. After 3 weeks, the pain was reduced by 42% for the group using Capsaicin and 31% for the rest.

Vitamin D

Chronic muscle pain can be a symptom of a lack of vitamin D. Vitamin D is found in small bony fish, milk, cereals and sunlight. People under 30 often lack of vitamin D. The researchers conclude that those who constantly get sore muscles, bones, joints should go to the doctor to check whether they lack of vitamin D or not.

Music therapy

Music is a natural and low-cost therapy which was found to reduce anxiety, suppression or depression relating to persistent back pain.

Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 helps reduce back pain effectively and safely. A group of patients with low back pain used vitamin B12. After a period of time, the result showed that the patient’s back pain had significantly relieved. They also use less pain-killing drugs than patients who not use vitamin B12. Other symptoms of vitamin B12 deficiency are numbness, tingling, discomfort, mild memory impairment and depression. Vitamin B12 deficiency probably is one of the causes of the following diseases: anemia, intestinal infections, and digestive diseases. Vitamin B12 injection into the muscle is the best method.


For many people, when they have got the back pain, the first thing they think of is going to the spa. Today, you don’t need to go to the massage therapist or a masseuse; the industry offers a variety of chair massagers for you to choose. Many people believe that massaging robotic chairs are a luxury. However, the benefits of chair massage can outweigh the price. They also help to reduce anxiety, depression during illness. Moreover, with a massage chair, you can enjoy the comfort, relaxation and health-boosting benefits whenever you want. Whether you need a massage once a day or once a week, purchasing a massage chair means that relief is on your schedule. Massage therapy is also most common method to reduce back pain during pregnancy.

The Benefits of Having a Real Fireplace

The long nights and short days are finally here, so shut the windows and crank up the heat. This winter, a lot of people will do exactly that, and then when the electric bill comes-gasp! That’s a lot of wasted mullah! Or, what if a horrible blizzard or thunderstorm blows out the power? If you have a generator, that’s great, but for those who don’t, I’m sure they wouldn’t want to be cuddling up quivering in the cold and dark. These are just a few of the main benefits of having a real fireplace.

The Benefits of Having a Real Fireplace


During autumn and winter, people can get really sad, in fact, the syndrome is actually called “SAD” meaning Seasonal Affective Disorder, which is a real form of depression found in the American Psychiatric Association’s diagnostic manual. It’s not unusual that weight gain and fatigue as well as depression all kick in during the shorter days, and that in many cultures and religions around the world, people have used fire and candles to lighten the mood. This is why it’s safe to say that we can look to a nice crackling fire as our savior during the winter. Aside from the obvious benefits, the simpleness of a great ambiance to lift someone’s spirit can be found in the soothing music of spitting flames and the soft glow of the stove, even when it’s “pouring cats and dogs” outside. I dare anyone to try it and disagree.

Heat and Light and a Little Bit More

Again, no one wants to shiver on a cold winter’s night. Good thing wood burning fireplaces generate enough heat to warm the house in a short amount of time, and keep it going throughout the day and night as long as you continue to feed the fire occasionally. This is in turn, produces a soft glow of light, and both the heat and light will definitely come in handy if the power is ever to go out.

So, the wind howls and rain pours, what do you do if everything else is shut off? You simply use the fire! It produces light, heat, and all of the above for staking it out through a night without power. Not to mention, if you do have a real burning fireplace, you can cook your meals on top or roast food by the flames. So while the Hendersons are eating cold sandwiches in the dark next door, at least you can cuddle up nice and warm by the fire with a hot meal.

Friendly on the Green

No more wasting the green when it comes to warming the house. As long as you have a good supply of firewood, you’re clear for the rest of the winter, and your wallet will thank you. But there is another “green” that will thank you. Not only will your financial world be pleased by having a wood fireplace, but so will the environment.

Many times people fall for the stereotype that a wood burning fireplace is just plain bad for the environment, when this is simply not true. For example, if you were to use a different source of heat, what would it be? Electricity? Natural gas? Oil? Every single one of those are are made by fossil fuels, which in turn, will never be able to be remade or replenished, while on the other hand, wood is in fact, a source that can be reproduced over and over. Believe it or not, everywhere trees are being regrown, and this is because the US Forest Service makes it so; they don’t allow people or companies to cut down and timber irresponsibly. W

Wood fireplaces not only ease us off the fossil fuels we are dependent on, but they also reduce harmful toxins like greenhouse gas emissions. Fireplaces that use wood are also “green” if you consider that most people will seek out their own local stock, instead of purchasing it from distant companies that would in turn, pump more pollution into the atmosphere had the wood been delivered by large trucks over hundreds or even thousands of miles.

With light, heat, the ability to cook, the friendliness on your wallet and the environment, who wouldn’t want a real burning fire place?